What We Do

James Storehouse Louisiana is the Implementing Partner to initiate and facilitate the successful delivery of a safe development center environment to our community using the OpenTable and CarePortal tools.

  • At the encouragement of the DCFS, James Storehouse Louisiana will be teaming up with The OpenTable Movement, DCFS and community churches to address the challenge of Transition youths.  OpenTable has designed and implemented a comprehensive model and program to provide a support system for these young adults that are suddenly on their own.  The OpenTable model is being used in 180 cities and communities in 28 states, the District of Columbia and several countries around the world.  DCFS has recently partnered with OpenTable to bring this model to the Baton Rouge and Monroe regions.  Because of its leadership in foster care, James Storehouse Louisiana has been asked by DCFS to bring the OpenTable model to the Covington Region (Florida Parishes).
  • The second tool that James Storehouse Louisiana will bring to the community is the nationally recognized CarePortal.  CarePortal seeks to break the foster/orphan cycle through the power of collaboration commerce and the church community.  It uses a connecting platform to facilitate the fulfillment of critical physical needs, relational support and other support services to stabilize the environment of children and their caregivers.  It too is a collaborative Faith- Community- Government Partnership.
  • In November, 2018 James Storehouse Louisiana opened up the new James Storehouse Youth and Family Development Center.  It consists of 4700 sq ft on Highway 21 in Covington.   This facility will be used by the community to support children and families that are impacted by the foster system.