MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: (from the Founder)

I never could have imagined after starting a nonprofit in 2012 that serves our most invisible, kids in foster care, I would later become a foster mom myself to 4 precious children. They all came with little to nothing. We went from a family of 3 to 7 almost instantly. Can you imagine the extra food, bedroom necessities, clothes, school supplies/uniforms, and basic essentials needed for each? Can you imagine having to afford all these resources yourself until the financial help provided by the system kicks in, which could take months? There is no way a foster family, grandparent, or kinship caregiver who come from a medium to low income household, can cover all these immediate basics alone. No wonder we have a severe lack of foster families to care for the kids coming into the system. I can appreciate more than ever as a caregiver how James Storehouse Louisiana comes along side foster families to provide these needs, helping to make these fragile transitions bearable and smooth for everyone. The number one need requested from case workers in order to place a child in a timely manner in the best home is a bed, and bunk beds to keep siblings together. As a foster mom, I ask for your consideration of becoming a monthly or one-time donor to help us cover the requested beds we receive weekly. You can send in a monetary donation or donate online. We appreciate our village. We cannot serve these kids without you.

My sincere appreciation for all you do!

Kim Bigler
Founder, James Storehouse Louisiana
Proud Foster Mom

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