Across the Nation

  • 415,000 in US Foster Care
  • 108,000 waiting to be adopted
  • 25,000 foster youth age out of system every year, many without family or community connections

Throughout Louisiana

  • 4,374 kids in foster care
  • 653 kids waiting to be adopted

Covington Region (which includes all Florida Parishes)

  • 843 Kids in foster care in the Covington Region
  • There are only 214 certified foster families
  • Only 44 foster homes available
  • Of the 44 open homes, only 11 can take in more than 1 child

Here in  St Tammany

  • St. Tammany Parish has the 2nd highest number of kids in the foster care system (per capita, 1st) in the region, according to Covington Regional DCFS as of December 2017.


1 in 5 foster youth will become homeless after aging out.

51% of children exiting foster care will be unemployed within the first year.