Transitioning YouthYoung people transitioning out of foster care are significantly affected by the instability that comes with long periods of out of home placement, multiple school transfers, and the challenge of preserving relationships with their biological families. They are also at increased risk of adversity. Older foster youth face many hardships such as, inadequate educational preparation, unstable finances, and limited access to viable employment and housing opportunities. Sadly, thousands of youth transition out of foster care with inadequate life skills and scarce resources and struggle to confront and overcome these challenges.

That’s why we at James Storehouse – Louisiana have set up a donation page to assist these youth in this time of transition. You can make your tax deductible donation on our Donations Page Here or

We also take donations for Transitioning Youth in other forms as well, such as gently used or new clothing, “Dressed-for-Success” clothing for job interviews, sundries, shoes, etc.