James Storehouse – Louisiana Family, how do you feel about being someone’s last hope?

A single mom was on the verge of losing her kids today due to poor living conditions until we stepped in and produced the game-changer she needed.

She was living in a tiny room with her 6 children, all sleeping on a deflated air mattress. Their living conditions had sunk beyond her abilities to correct, so her case worker reached out to us. I was told we were her last hope.

What a responsibility it is to be someone’s last hope. The only way to avoid removal was to land a section 8 that requires birth certificates for all her children to secure, which she didn’t have. James Storehouse – Louisiana Family, you provided those birth certificates today. You helped secure an apartment for this struggling family. You gave hope to a single mom. You kept siblings out of foster care and now they can stay together. They will continue to get the wrap around help they deserve to get stronger. Please keep this family in your prayers:) We will see them again at their house warming party!

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