Flood Relief DeliveryJames Storehouse – Louisiana has packed up 3 trucks, 1 Jeep, and 5 cars this week to serve kids in transition due to the floods. It is all Jesus, what is happening here as the state pulls together.


We are seeing miracles as far as resources appearing exactly when needed and the exact items that are needed, groups appearing when you need someone to deliver the resources God gives us, and the overall practical function of God-empowered unity where even small communities are doing the recovery work for tens of thousands.

At James Storehouse – Louisiana, we get donations of the exact supplies/resources needed for a particular shelter or home acting as a command base for the flooded neighborhood. We give down to the wire only to see ten times more come in immediately after releasing the resources. Nobody is hoarding at this time and we are seeing God’s hand move, and multiplying. There are no mavericks in “great works”… just many willing and available empowered by a faithful God.

Thank you to everyone’s support!