An alarming statistic and need is happening in Louisiana: Children in desperate need of foster parents. The number of children entering the foster-care system. In a report from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, the numbers are staggering.

The information is up to date from June 2016. Each month, over 300 children are removed from the care of a parent because of drug use, neglect or physical or sexual abuse. Each of the kids need a safe refuge from the chaos that is an abusive home.

LA DCFS says that Louisiana is in desperate need of foster families. A foster family provides this refuge to these children in need.

Statewide there are 4800 children in need of foster care according to DCFS. That is up 14% over the previous 3 years and there are only 2200 foster care homes available.

For more information on becoming a foster care home, below are several resources for information.

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