cajunNavyThe birth of the The Cajun Navy … and to unity once again arising in our frail nation battered by division. The spirit of division tried to come into and overcome Louisiana, but the truth was revealed through our trials.

My favorite part: “Out of the swamps and backwoods emerged unsolicited men and women sent to rescue.” That is SO The Lord. He is famous for qualifying the called. No rock stars, just good ole neighbors.


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In the wake of all the chaos in our nation following the racial divide incited by our supposed leaders and main stream media, and bearing the loss of three good men in blue, we (Louisiana) were struck again. Families, friends, and civilians had not yet wiped away all the tears fallen for these three brave men. Even God cried with us.

On August 12, 2016, “the storm with no name” set in on southern Louisiana, and the tears of God began to fall. For the next 56 hours, torrential rain fell and fell and fell. It even rained in Tiger stadium. Between 15-20 inches of rain was the average that fell upon us with several areas reaching nearly 30 inches. All within 56 hours. Soon, southern Louisiana and her people would begin to realize the dangers that would ensue. We were blind sided. Although we’ve been battle tested through history by some of the strongest hurricanes imaginable, no one ever saw this coming. Some experts say this was a once in a thousand year event.

The flood waters began to rise. They began to rise and they did not stop. Within a matter of hours, our people saw their homes take on anywhere from 3 inches to 10 feet of water. No one had time to evacuate. Even those that tried would learn that the roads leading into and out of our neighborhoods were impassable. People by the thousands were stranded and scared for their lives. After weathering countless hurricanes through time, there was no foreseeable reason to run from a storm with no name.

From the depths of the swamps and the backwoods emerged an unsolicited fleet of men and women with intent to aid their brothers and sisters of this great state. Men and women equipped with the proper tools, equipment, and experience needed to take on such a task. Some of those in response had lost everything to the flood waters themselves. But they came. They came by the hundreds from far and wide. 4×4’s pulling aluminum flat bottom boats rigged with outboards and surface drives. The only type of equipment that could get the job done. Nobody asked them to, they just came for the love they had in their hearts for Louisiana and her people.


She was born and she was a well oiled and well prepared beast of a machine! Local officials had not the equipment nor the man power needed to take on such an endeavor. Cajun Captains and Sailors were launching their vessels and headed out into the unknown, putting their own lives on the line. For the next three to four days, both night and day, they patrolled the flooded neighborhoods pulling men, women, children, and pets from the water stricken lands. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, black or white, foreign or native…..this Navy was coming to save you! For if it had not been for the many men and women of all colors, races, religions, and nationalities of this Navy, thousands of people could have perished.

It’s only in looking back now that I have come to see that it was God’s tears that were falling and caused this great flood. His tears caused us to unite. It came in a time when we needed it most. Let Louisiana and The Cajun Navy become an example to the rest of our battered nation. It’s time to rise above and unite. “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

I salute the brave men and women of The Cajun Navy

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Written and illustrated by:
Darren Hernandez