James Storehouse – Louisiana has been asked to partner with the Department of Child and Family Services’s Covington Regional Office to help transition their kids and families out of the shelters they have been residing in after their homes flooded.

DCFS was notified the shelters will close in 2 weeks. After miraculously serving 1000 kids and families from James Storehouse – Louisiana‘s humble 700 square foot space in only a few weeks, we will need to ask our JS family for another miracle. We need a bigger space to collect for these transitions.

We will let you know what resources we will be collecting soon, however we must have this space. If anyone can assist, or know anyone who can assist, in renting or donating (even temporarily) a space over 2000 square foot for us to operate in for this endeavor in or around the Covington area, please let us know. Getting this space is crucial for us to successfully transition these families coming out of the shelters so sharing this post would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support. You are helping us pull off the impossible on a daily basis!